Periodic Table: CHEMISTRY

Boost your chemistry knowledge.

A colorful, intuitive periodic table.

Designed with students, teachers, and researchers in mind for iPhone and iPad.
All of our element information is fact-checked by our local chemist.

Periodic Table iPhone

Fully Rotatable.

This periodic table works in both horizontal and vertical orientations for iPhone and iPad.

Comprehensive Information.

Every single element has a Bohr model in the app, plus additional information about the properties of each element, and a fun fact!

Thorough Explanations.

All properties are defined with appropriate units, to inform and explain exactly what each property means for each element. Trends that can be found in the periodic table are also explained, with helpful pictures as guides.


Periodic Table.

The periodic table is comprehensive, interactive, and colorful, and gives information on all of the elements. Element information includes all properties!

Bohr Model.

Every element has a Bohr model that has been fact-checked by our local chemist.

Periodic Table Trends.

The periodic table trends explain the layout of the periodic table and the trends one can find in it. They explain groups, periods, and trends including but not limited to atomic radius, electron affinity, etc across the table.


Descriptions are included for every property in the app, so that students can understand exactly what each property means.


Molar Mass.

The molar mass of element is included in g/mol, since this is an important and widely-used property in chemistry.


The density of the element is included in g/cm³!

State At STP.

Whether liquid, solid, or gas, the state of the element at STP is included.


The founder or discoverer of each element is listed.

Melting Point.

The melting point of every element is included in ºC.

Lone Pairs.

A final tally of lone pairs are listed for each element, since this is a popular question on tests and quizzes.

Boiling Point.

The boiling point of every element is included in ºC.

Fun Fact.

A fun fact about every element is included to help students learn something interesting and new!