Take learning to the next level with our chemistry and engineering apps.

Make Learning Easy.

Our Chemistry apps are made for high school and college students who want an immersive learning experience. Most education tools are an uphill battle for students. Our goal is to make learning easy and helpful, instead of a fight to stay awake. We address the issues that students face on a regular basis, and aim to make education more manageable and interactive.

Run by Women in Tech.

Terrapin Computing was founded in a Boston University dorm room in 2013 by Alexandrea Mellen. Now we operate out of Boston making apps to help people. We are proudly run by women in tech.

Built to Help.

Terrapin was formed in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Alexandrea and her younger sister were a block away from the second detonation. In the midst of watching hundreds of people run away from the finish line, and the brave dozens who ran towards it, she realized that helping others is the only goal worth chasing. Terrapin is the critical beginning of her endeavor to help as many people as she can, in any way she can.

Let's Get in Touch.

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